The annual conference is the centerpiece of the Faculty of Color Working Group. Bringing together participants from across all of the NEHC’s member institutions, the annual conference provides a rare and necessary venue for faculty of color to speak freely to one another, find community, and share ideas, strategies, potential solutions, and creative energy through the experiences of others. Aimed at faculty at every stage in their careers, the conference offers a range of programming on topics including self-care, work/life balance, book publishing, inclusive teaching, and leadership styles. Equally important, the conference provides ample opportunities for faculty to meet, network, and talk to one another in small settings. By building vital professional relationships that span the New England region, the FOCWG annual conference seeks to overcome the institutional challenges that faculty of color face, often in isolation, and create a new culture of strategy and solidarity.

Application details for the next annual FOCWG conference forthcoming


All images by Keith Nordstrom